7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses (Reviews, Tips, Buying Guide & More)

You’ll need a garden hose that can not only get water out to the spots you need it but also something that allows the water to flow well. You need an expandable hose that will be easier to use around your yard. An expandable hose is more flexible and provides a better approach to getting the water out.

While it’s true that an expandable hose might look simple and understandable, you have to look at many factors surrounding the hose you want to use. This look at the seven best expandable hose on today’s market will help you find something that fits your yard.

A Comparison Table of 7 Best Expandable Hose Reviews

TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose
  • Initial Length : 17 feet
  • Expanded Length : 50 feet
  • Material : 3750D fabric and 4-layer latex
  • Connector Body : 3/4-inch brass
  • Weight : 3.5 pounds
Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose
  • Initial Length : 17 feet
  • Expanded Length : 50 feet
  • Material : 3750D fabric and 2-layer latex
  • Connector Body : 3/4-inch brass
  • Weight : 3.2 pounds
Nifty Grower 100ft Garden Hose
  • Initial Length : 34 feet
  • Expanded Length : 100 feet
  • Material : 3750D fabric and 2-layer latex
  • Connector Body : 3/4-inch brass
  • Weight : 5.5 pounds
Monyar Garden Hose
  • Initial Length : 10 feet
  • Expanded Length : 30 feet
  • Material : 3750D fabric and 2-layer latex
  • Connector Body : 3/4-inch brass
  • Weight : 2.15 pounds
Vieneci 100ft Garden Hose
  • Initial Length : 33 feet
  • Expanded Length : 100 feet
  • Material : 3750D fabric and copper sheath
  • Connector Body : 3/4-inch brass
  • Weight : 4.75 pounds
Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose
  • Initial Length : 16 feet
  • Expanded Length : 50 feet
  • Material : 3750D fabric and rubberized cover
  • Connector Body : 3/4-inch brass
  • Weight : 3.65 pounds
Gpeng Expandable Garden Hose
  • Initial Length : 17 feet
  • Expanded Length : 50 feet
  • Material : 3-layer latex and thick copper
  • Connector Body : 3/4-inch brass
  • Weight : 2.85 pounds

Buyer’s Guide of Best Expandable Garden Hoses

How Does An Expandable Hose Work?

An expanding hose is a garden hose that features a more flexible body. What happens here is that you’ll connect your hose to a water tap like with any other hose model. When the water goes through, the hose body expands. The channel for water to go through will become larger, thus making it easier for the hose to administer a consistent amount of water.

The best part of using an expandable hose is that you won’t worry about the water being stuck while in use. The problem with traditional models is that they can bend and kink up easily. The issue makes it harder for the water to go out all the way. But with an expandable hose, that problem will be alleviated.

The most important thing to see is that an expanding hose features a body that changes in size with use. It will be shorter at the start than it will be when it is all the way filled with water.

Things To Consider When Buying An Expandable Water Hose


You’ll need a hose that is long enough to access the spots you want to water. The hose should go from your tap to the end area well enough.

The length of a hose will be based on two factors. First, there is the initial size of the hose before you start watering things. The length of the garden hoses ranges between 10 feet to 200 feet. The length should be good enough to fit around a hose reel, but also long enough to reach the spots you want to water.

Second, there is the expanded length. As water goes through the hose, it will start to become longer.

You’ll need something that fits your collapsible garden hose reel, depending on whether it is filled or empty. Don’t forget to look at how well your water hose can reach a spot based and that you’ve got something long enough, but still easy to gather and maintain.


The material that your expandable water hose features should be noted well. The compound should be thick and stable enough to handle all the water that goes through. You might find multiple layers of material in your hose.

One consideration to see for the material entails the numbers associated. Some items come with multiple layers of a compound. The design is thicker and stronger when there are more layers.

Meanwhile, polyester works in expandable hoses. You might notice a number next to the polyester you use. For instance, the hose may feature 1600D material. The number refers to a polyester compound with 1600-denier threads. The denier number is a measure of how thick the fibers are. Something with a higher denier count will be thicker and stronger, while something lower in number has a soft feel.


The connectors are the metal parts on the ends of the hose. These are items that will link to the water tap and to a sprinkler or other item. You need connectors that will create a firm link without worrying about leaks. You also need something that doesn’t get at risk of rusting, as it would be difficult for you to get a connection ready if there’s lots of rust all around.

A connector may be measured in how thick it is. A ½-inch brass connector is one made with a brass body and a ½-inch opening. Most connectors will be a ¾-inch one, as this is the general standard used for most items.

Some valve features may appear on the connectors. A valve would feature a small switch-like body that will activate when the water comes out, thus providing extra control over the watering experience.

Additional Attachments

Some water hoses come with attachments of all sorts. These include splitters, sprinkler heads, and other items. There’s no guarantee you’ll get any of these items with your expandable hose, but these items would still help.


The timing for an expandable hose refers to how long it takes for the hose to expand all the way. The hose should expand as the water pressure grows. It would take only a few minutes for an expandable hose to stretch out all the way. But while it might take two to three minutes for a hose to expand, that is a significant improvement over the ten or more minutes a traditional hose would take to reach its fullest potential.

Critical Tips For Use

You’ll have to ensure you’re using your expandable hose the right way for it to last long. While it is true that many of today’s hoses come with warranties and guarantees, you’ll have to be cautious when using something.

There are many rules to see when getting an expandable hose working:

A Closer Look At 7 Best Expandable Garden Hose on the Market

1. TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose – For Heavy-Duty Needs

You might need to get an expandable garden hose that is a little longer for more massive yards. This TBI Pro hose features a 50-foot hose made with 3750D polyester fabric for a stronger body. A four-layer latex body also produces a flexible design that will stay intact and will ensure the water won’t leak.

The ¾-inch brass connectors will not leak or corrode. These are also easy to clean off, as they will not develop rust all around. You can also use the aluminum interlocking system on your hose to prevent leaks from occurring while using other washers.

The alloy pouch feature near the connectors adds extra protection. The anti-rust alloy pouch fits over the connection and prevents leaking from developing. The effort ensures you don’t waste water, not to mention it is easier for you to get everything set up as necessary.

A two-way splitter is included with this hose. The splitter lets you use two hoses at once. You can use the separate valves on the ends of your hoses to ensure you control the flow of water between the two, thus making everything easier to plan.

TBI Pro has even included a sprayer nozzle with this 50 foot pocket hose. The setup features an ergonomic handle and multiple head options on a 360-degree rotating control.


  • Features a smooth outside body
  • Fits well on a garden hose reel
  • Only 17 feet long when in storage


  • It May feel rather damp when you are finished using it
  • The splitter heads are too close to each other

2. Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose – Handles Water In Every Season

The quality of your water can change as the seasons come along. Gardguard makes this expandable hose with a body that can handle many conditions. The 3750D polyester body and two-layer latex arrangement provide stability, but the most essential part is that the hose can handle water in many situations. It can support pressure levels of all sorts and hot and cold water alike. Even high-pressure water that comes about during the winter season won’t be a threat to your garden hose.

The expanding design of this shrinking water hose goes from 17 to 50 feet as it fills up. It will expand in minutes and then shrink once again in a short bit after you finish using it.

The ¾-inch metal connectors on the ends of this garden hose work for most applications. Gardguard promotes this model as one that works on a kitchen faucet, especially since it can work alongside many connector models you wish to incorporate.

The hose also comes with a storage bag and a spray nozzle. The nozzle features a rotating bezel head with nine positions. A soft rubber grip also provides a good hold without generating lots of vibrations.


  • The latex body does not chafe or wear easily
  • The metal connectors keep from leaking
  • Its connectors aren’t too long or bulky


  • Warm water may not work well if at a higher pressure total
  • It May be damaged if the hose keeps rubbing on the ground

3. Nifty Grower 100 ft Garden Hose – Best Lightweight Garden Hose

One good thing about expandable hoses is that they can be compact and easy to store in many spots. Nifty Grower makes this hose with a body that is 34 feet long before it fills with water, but this garden hose is flexible and lightweight enough to go anywhere.

The hose is a little over five pounds in weight, and it comes with a convenient storage bag if you’re not aiming to secure it on a hose reel. The 3750D polyester body provides a sturdy layout, but the material is flexible enough to where you can keep it stored well when not in use.

A rubber washer appears within the brass connectors for added support and stability. You’ll also find an on and off valve on the main metal connector to help you with keeping the flow of water under control. The valve features a slim design that allows you to adjust the flow of water from the end without having to go back and forth from the source.


  • Returns to its original length in minutes after the water comes out
  • The body provides a flexible approach to watering
  • Links up to sprinkler heads and connectors of all sorts


  • Can easily become tangled if not handled well enough
  • May snag on some things on your yard without warning

4. Monyar Garden Hose – Suitable For Many Uses

You’ll need an expandable hose that works for multiple water needs. You could use something for washing a car, watering a garden, or even bathing a pet. The Monyar Garden Hose is one expandable choice that is perfect for all of these things and much more.

What makes the hose ideal is that it works with a nine-pattern spray nozzle that is suitable for many intentions. You can use this for light and heavy-duty water needs, although you can always add a different sprayer head on the end if you prefer. The ¾-inch brass connectors facilitate a better connection that prevents leaks and will not rust or wear after a while.

A rubber washer works inside each of the connectors to produce a better fit without leaks. The links also ensure the connectors stay on the hoses without slipping off or otherwise being hard to utilize.

As for the length, the hose goes from 10 feet to 30 feet when filled up with all the weight. The light body provides a better grip that lets you handle the watering process in moments without slipping up or otherwise struggling to handle something.


  • Produces low friction
  • The fully brass fittings prevent corrosion and rust
  • The valves on the fittings respond fast


  • It May does not work well on most garden hose reels
  • It may take a bit of time to expand when the weather is hot

5. Vieneci 100 ft Garden Hose – Responds Fast

One of the most significant problems people have with garden hoses is that they often take a while to fill up, not to mention it takes even longer for them to drain all the way. The Vieneci 100 ft Garden Hose alleviates these concerns.

The copper sheath included in this Vieneci garden hose provides a flexible body that allows water to move through without obstructions. The design will not leak, bend, or otherwise crack. The corners will also stay stable and organized, thus preventing possible concerns from developing when in use.

The hose expands from 33 to 100 ft in about two minutes on average, and it can take about a minute for the hose to drain out all the way. The copper sheathing ensures the water goes through well without possibly leaking or otherwise being rough to support.

The water pressure control feature for the hose supports the nozzle you apply. You can use the connector that Vieneci provides with it, but you can also choose something else. When you slightly press the grip down, the water keeps spraying. You can adjust the pressure by using a switch on your nozzle.


  • Weighs less than five pounds
  • Handles intense water pressure levels
  • Works with hot and cold water alike


  • It May was not fit some hose reelers
  • May create some curves even when filled

6. Hospaip 50ft Garden Hose – Creates Good Connections

Sturdy connections are necessary for getting a garden hose to work. Hospaip makes this garden hose with a series of ¾-inch brass connections, while the rubber washers and coverings at the ends produce better seals all around. The double o-ring seal adds a link that keeps the hose intact without leaking. The anti-rust alloy pouch also adds a powerful body.

The flexible design of the hose makes it easy for you to handle anywhere. The 16-foot hose expands to 50 feet when filled with water. The layout also fits inside an included carrying bag, although it could also work on many hose reels.

An eight-position nozzle works with the hose. The zinc alloy body adds a smooth look while allowing water to move out well in moments. You can choose from different stream options for heavy and light needs. The design provides support for more watering applications to keep the work moving forward.


  • Expands in about two minutes
  • The brass gaskets will not rust or wear
  • The rubberized ends mix in well with the 3750D fabric body


  • May not do well with intense pressure levels
  • Takes a bit to drain the water out

7. Gpeng Expandable Garden Hose – A Flexible Option

The last choice to note is the Gpeng Expandable Garden Hose. This Flexi hose model weighs a little under three pounds. The rubberized body fits in well with the polyester fabric on the outside.

The brass connectors and washers feature thickened copper exteriors to provide extra protection. The ¾-inch sizes allow for support on most taps and faucets, although you can always get an outside adapter ready if necessary. The valve on the top part also keeps the water from flowing far too fast.

The hose also comes with a hook feature that you can affix on your wall. You can store the hose there when not in use. It doesn’t take much for the hose to drain all the way and go back to its original 16-foot length after expanding to 50 feet. The rubber backing also ensures the material will not stick in knots or otherwise be hard to arrange or use.


  • The connectors stay clean and do not wear
  • Handles intense water pressure
  • Suitable for most washing or watering needs


  • Can be hurt by direct sunlight
  • It May does not work well with some sprinklers outside the one it comes with

Top Rated Pick

Our choice for the best rated expandable hose is the TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose. The thick latex backing provides extra help for keeping the line intact, while the polyester prevents leaks. The garden hose also features a lightweight body that will not wear out over time. The fittings also work with most attachments and adapters, thus giving you the option to use it anywhere. You can also use the hose for low and high-intensity needs. The included splitter feature also makes it so you can use two hoses at the same time for your convenience with separate valves included on the bodies.


Having an expandable hose for your gardening needs can be a great idea to consider. You’ll have to look at how well your hose works and how long it is both before you add water and after you fill it up. You’ll also need to look at how well the body feels and how strong it works, so you’ll have more control over what works where you are. Having a great expandable hose gives you more control over your experience when caring for your yard, washing your car, or anything else you might require.

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