7 Best Track Saws for the Money (Reviews with Comparison)

Whether you’re out to saw lumber to a specific width or cut through sections, a track saw is designed to help you achieve the best results. These power tools are designed to be used on a woodwork project and help reduce the stress of manipulating a wide range of wood across a table saw when working. This feature helps you to get a more accurate and safe result when working on a project.

They are solely designed to give users enough convenience and help them make an accurate, fast, and repeatable cut on lumber, fiberboard, and plywood. 

The good news is, track saws can take the place of a miter saw, radial arm saw, and table saw. This means a single purchase could save you the stress of bombarding your workshop with different saws.

These saws can be clamped easily; this makes it perfect for both beginners and professionals to get accurate cuts. This is why we recommend you go for track saws that are durable and made from top-notch materials due to how reliable, fast, and durable they are. This saw provide you with enough power to get the job done in no time.

Compare Our Top Picks For Track Saws in 2021

Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Track Saw
  • Weight : 17.6 pounds
  • Battery Included : No
  • Motor Speed : 5200 RPM
  • Weight : 12.5 pounds
  • Battery Included : Yes
  • Motor Speed : 4000 RPM
DEWALT Circular Saw
  • Weight : 8.3 pounds
  • Battery Included : Yes
  • Motor Speed : 5200 RPM
WEN CT1065 10-Amp
  • Weight : 14.8 pounds
  • Battery Included : No
  • Motor Speed : 3500 RPM
Triton TTS1400
  • Weight : 13.55 pounds
  • Battery Included : No
  • Motor Speed : 3500 RPM
Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw
  • Weight : 11.7lbs
  • Battery Included : No
  • Motor Speed : 3000 RPM
Festool 575390 TS 75 EQ
  • Weight : 13.66 pounds
  • Battery Included : No
  • Motor Speed : 3550 RPM

Features to Consider When Buying a Track Saw

Track saws are not relatively new, so; it’s possible to know much about the saw and still make the wrong choice if you don’t know some specifics features that will suit your projects. Below, we’ve outlined some of the tips to consider when you’re out to get a track saw.

The blade size can go a long way when it comes to the thickness of the material they can saw through. There are track saws that come with 6½-inch blades and can cut through materials with 2 inches thickness. A track saw with an 8¼-inch size blade can be used on  2¾ inches material, so you can imagine the degree of leverage you can use this saw to achieve.

Most track saws are built with speed settings; this feature is one of the major differences that distinguish the track saw from a circular saw. The speed control gives you an edge and helps you stay on track, and prevents the wood from burns.

If the track saw has a speed adjustment, it ranges from 2000 RPM on the minimum with a maximum speed of 5000 RPM. We recommend using the minimum speed when working on woods with less density like the walnut or locust.

Track saws designed with adjustable bevels tend to be more versatile and flexible compared to other models. Track saws are used to make 900 square cuts; however, those with bevel capacity save you the extra process and cost of production.

Track saws with Bevel capacity can easily get a perfect cut when used to build furniture or bookshelves; it gives the wood a better surface area for glue and an enriched experience. Bevels are also known to make clean joints and limit the need for edge-banding. This means the furniture you’re working on will end up with fewer edges.

Motor power is everything; this feature determines how powerful the saw is to handle the project you intend to use it on. Most circular saws come with enough motor power to get the task done. The truth is, qualifying the power of a saw in a way that a novice can easily comprehend might be difficult.

To this effect, most manufacturers crafted their saw inline with sidewinder-style circular saws. They show off their amperages, but this has nothing to do with the motor power. A device amperage explains the maximum electrical current that the electric motor can use without a breakdown.

If you’re using a cordless track saw, then there is a huge possibility to read out the power-based on the battery voltage rating. The logic here is pretty simple; if the saw works with a 20V battery, then there is the possibility that it is generally powerful compared to an 18V powered saw. However, these rules have some exceptions to it but can serve as a general guideline to spot a track saw motor power.

Of course, this has been one of the bones of contention in the world of electronics. Cordless vs. Corded, which is better? In terms of track saw, the sage remains.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The fact is, most corded saw provides the users with more power, and you have to worry less in terms of switching batteries; this feature is helpful when you’re engrossed in demanding tasks like cutting through a piece of walnut or oak.

Been stopped in the middle of a task to swap battery most times results in the formation of rough marks directly on the edges of the wood. On the flip side, if the saw you’re using is cordless, there is the possibility it’s a bit behind in terms of power compared to what you get when using a corded saw.

To this effect, this saw might be limited when used to cut through lengthy boards, and since the power is limited, there is the possibility of been stopped out in the middle of the projects, which might result in unsightly marks.

In summary, the choice here boils down to what the user finds important; with a corded track saw, you get access to unlimited power once you have access to an electrical source. On the flip side, the cordless track saw provides you with unlimited possibilities as long as you have access to spare batteries.

This feature can directly affect the performance. Framing carpenter and roofers often replace the standard cord on their saw, which they often replace with a 25-foot cord since this helps limit the use of the extension cord. The length of the cord on your track saw directly determines how you manipulate materials on long tracks.

You can simply imagine the limitation when working on a 10-foot sheet with an 8-foot cord. This will automatically have you pull the extension cord along while cutting through the project. With time, there is the possibility that the cord get hangs.

The good news is, you can avoid this by using cords with longer range; this will ensure the cord is prevented from hanging when used on sawhorse or workbench.

This is another significant factor we recommend looking out for. The track comes with vying length due to some reasons. It is easy to crosscut a 12-inch board; however, this doesn’t need a 4-foot track.

Ripping off the plywood sheet is basically what track saws are designed for; however, using a four-foot tack might be inconvenient if you have to reset it in the middle of a task since performing a reset track can somehow lead to errors on your cuts.

And if this is not carried out carefully, there is the possibility of ending up with long cuts that are not straight as expected. Some tracks are modular and seem to be pretty perfect when used on the worksite. The track length allows you to quickly snap little lengths together and use them as longer tracks.

If you operate in a workshop, we recommend going for either 2, 4, and 8-foot track since they tend to offer you an easy and quick setup and give consistent cuts.

Of course, there is no way we could provide a buying guide without considering the safety measures. Remember, in all and all, safety remains the key. When comparing a track saw with a circular saw, the track saw is more inclined to safety.

The track is built to provide the blade with enough path to see through; this makes it easy for you to look ahead and spot potential obstacles that are likely to cause a kickback.

In case of a kickback, the saw has a cam lock feature that is in place to put a stop and control the saw from pushing backward in your direction.

Most carpenters with circular saws guide it by pinching the base using their free hands. Most times, this act explores their finger closer to the spinning blade. There is the possibility that they might have succeeded a thousand times, but that doesn’t change the fact  that “too err is human.”

If you’re using a track saw, you don’t have to guide the saw using free hands; this feature makes it safe for beginners.

The 7 Best Track Saw Reviews of 2021

In this article, we got to the zenith of explaining some of the essential features to look at before deciding to invest in a saw that suits you the most. We narrow our search down to the seven best track saws designed to help you deliver the goods. Below is a list of some of the top-rated track saw that can help you get the job done in no time.

1. Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Track Saw – BEST OVERALL TRACK SAW

From the outcome of our research, we cherry-picked the Makita SP6000J1 model for workshop owners who are out on a tight budget but want to get the best track saw that would stand the test of time. This power tool provides you with 100% accuracy and precision.

It comes with a splinter-free mirror; you can be sure of straight cuts used on the specified wood. If you combine this track saw with a guide rail system, they will work with the system to eliminate wears that are likely to occur when cutting across the wood.

It comes with a 12 amp motor; this supplies the wood with enough power and gives you the best performance in cutting across the wood in no time. It is crafted from magnesium components, and it practically weightless.

The portability makes it very mobile and Ideal when used on job sites. The speed is a par; it comes with variable speed control that ranges from 2000 to 5000RPM. This power makes it a perfect fit for most jobs.


  • Variable speed
  • Splinter free
  • Portable track saw
  • Perfect for large wood.
  • Large cutting capacity


  • Not recommended for wet surfaces.

Other Specifications

Battery Included



750 watt

Motor speed


Power source

Corded electric

Item weight

17.6 pounds

Bottom Line

The saw allows you to hit the speed you want to and get your job done as expected. On the flip side, speed control help maintains a constant speed when it is used on a project. If you’re on a tight budget, then this is a no-brainer that is worth checking out.

2. DEWALT 60V MAX – Best Quality

This is a cordless saw that comes with limitless benefits. The unique portability makes it very mobile and easy for you to carry while on transit, and it gives you room for proper management.

The free-moving feature makes it a great deal; you won’t find this difficult to handle either. You can make different cuts from different angles, depending on what you want. This means you can reverse the cut based on what is required. This feature makes the saw pretty helpful when working on complex cuts. 

This track saw comes with a 20V battery with an additional charger, so you don’t have to buy any of the parts separately. All the components come in a well-packed, sturdy box. Alternatively, you can use the box store and carry all the essential parts when conveying the tool to a work site.

One of the major features we find very attractive on the saw is its cleaning facility. It is built with a universal dust port that is 1.25 inches. The dust port is primarily designed to act as a vacuum that collects sawdust.


  • It is built with a dust collector
  • It comes in a sturdy stack box
  • Reversible saw
  • Portable
  • Five-star rating
  • Straight and precise cut
  • Durable plunging system
  • It is built with a kickback mechanism


  • Not recommended for bulky projects.

Other Specifications

Battery included



60 V

Motor speed

4000 RMP

Power source

Corded electric

Item weight

12.5 pounds

Bottom Line

The dust collector always makes your workspace holistically clean by ensuring 90% of the surface area it is used on is dust-free. If you want to get a dust collector and a track saw simultaneously, this is a viable option.

3. DEWALT Circular Saw – Flexibility Defined

The next product we got our hands on is the DeWalt Circular Saw. This is considered one of the most popular brands of track saws use in the US. It is designed to work at a decent speed and comes at an affordable price.

Compared to most of the track saw we reviewed on this list, it appears to be a bit heavier; this might be a limiting factor; however, we bet other features compensate for this downside.

Its stock blade is approximately 6-1/2 inches and can cut through the material twice thicker than the blade; this is done at both 45 and 90 degrees. The bevel angle ranges between 0-50, which gives more than enough room for flexibility when cutting through a project. It is designed to produce clean, stable, and smooth cuts.

If you love speed, we recommended you check out other models on this list. This track saw won’t blow your mind in terms of speed; however, you can get an accurate and smooth cut with ease.


  • Accurate precision
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a blade guard and anti-kickback feature
  • Sufficient power
  • Easy to use


  • Blades are expensive

Other Specifications

Battery included



20 V

Maximum Cutting Depth at 90o

2-1/4 inches

Bevel Capacity


Blade Diameter

6-1/2 inches

Bottom Line

The brand invested some quality effort in building a track saw that is suitable for both professionals and beginners. It gives off more efficiency with less power consumption and comes at a pocket-friendly price. So you don’t have to break your bank to get this as part of your work tool.

4. WEN CT1065 10-Amp – Portability Defined

This is specifically designed for workshops with limited space. This model is a perfect fit for its size and shape. It is built with a shift lock that allows you to change the blade easily at any time.

The saw has a soft-grip handle designed to provide you with maximum comfort when controlling or cutting through a wood.

It has a plunge lock system to ensure maximum safety. It runs with over 3500 RPM at any time; this feature makes it perfect for demanding tasks.

It comes with a universal vacuum system adaptor that is pretty easy to use with a 360o rotational outlet. The soft grip is an added advantage; it comes with a guide track system that gives straight cuts with an accurate bevel.

This versatile saw is designed for long and straight cuts when used on tracks. The blade’s housing is crafted to allow the blade to work against the edge of the material, making it perfect when used to trim doors or work on a floor.


  • Soft handle for comfort
  • A convenient dust collector system
  • The durable arm that keeps wood straight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to swap blade.


  • Solid track when separated.

5. Triton TTS1400 – Highly Versatile and Easy to Use

The Triton TTS1400 is a highly versatile, easy-to-use device that comes with an easy mode selection, easy to set up, and designed with a safety feature.

The inbuilt motor runs with a speed range of 2000-5300 RPM, with a mode selector that allows you to easily swap between scribe, free plunge, or change the blade.

The design allows you to change blades with ease; you can access the blade through the blade guard without taking off the cover.

The soft handles and fit-to guide system helps to provide smooth cuts with great precision. The flat design that houses the blade allows the saw to work to the edge of the project you’re using it on.

This is perfect for woodworkers that are out to cut hardwood for floor or trim doors and windows. The guide rail track adds a layer of stability to it, and this gives the saw a remarkable and professional cut with great precision.


  • It’s is designed with a mood selector
  • Anti-kickback safety feature
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Versatile, powerful, and precise
  • Come with mode selection
  • Easy to handle


  • The scale needs improvement.

Other Specifications

Item Weight

12.12 pounds



No Load Speed

2000 - 5300 RPM

Blade Type

60 TCT


Bottom Line

This product comes with an onboard storage tool and has a variable speed setting, making it easy for both beginners and pros to accomplish more in less time. The anti-kickback feature increases the degree of safety.

6. CKreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw – Perfect Choice for Plywood

Bulky projects call for versatile tools, but how would you feel if you could leverage on a single-track saw and save yourself the stress of repleting your workshop with different cut machines.

The good news is, it possible to achieve this with the Kreg ACS2000, a uniquely designed saw use to make different cuts on both plywood and hardwood. The saw comes with a variable speed setting that allows you to select the speed at which you’re comfortable.

Regardless of the shape you intend to cut; it is designed to give off the best results without splintering or chipping. It comes with an anti-kickback feature that promotes safety while sawing through woods. It has a with a portable-sized dust collector that is effective enough to keep the workshop free from sawdust when working on a project. 


  • Powerful 
  • Useful
  • Safe
  • Very Versatile
  • Effective
  • Durable
  • Easy to handle 


  • No observable cons 

Other Specifications

Blade diameter


Saw Weight

 11.7 lbs

Motor power

12 amp

Bevel capacity

-1° to 47°

Bottom Line

It reduces the need to guide the saw manually when used on a straight path. It is specifically designed to help you get professional clean cuts and increase your overall productivity due to how fast and easy it is to handle.

7. Festool 575390 TS 75 EQ – Premium Quality

If you’ve been in the game of using track saws for a while, then there is a huge possibility you’ve come across one of the most reputable brands that are known for durability and uniqueness. We consider this one of the most expensive and premium brands on our list that is worth checking out.

And of course, if you are a fan of buying products online, you will agree that getting a five-star product is a rarity; however, the reverse is the case when it comes to Festool 575390. With over 50 reviews, the product still rates 5 out of 5; this alone should communicate the potentials you stand to benefit from when using it.

We decided to position this product as the last reviewed on our list of top picks due to its remarkable feature and mind-blowing uniqueness. With this, you’re always on track to getting a perfect cut each time you work on a project.

The system is efficient enough to achieve more with less and comes with a micro-adjustable depth indicator with two more accurate precision lines.

The presence of a riving knife reduces the chance of kickback and keeps the cut kerf open to control the material from coming in contact with the pinch blade. The motor offers a decent speed to help complete the project promptly.


  • It is easy to swap blades
  • Soft blade start
  • Top-level accuracy
  • Five-star rating
  • The Clutch and Riving knife prevent kickback.
  • Beginners-friendly


  • It is expensive

Other Specifications

Item Weight

13.66 pounds

Power Consumption

1600 watt

Cutting Depth at 45°

 55 mm

Saw Blade Diameter

210 mm


Bottom Line

This model is considered one of the simplest power tools to handle, especially for those new to the system. It comes with a safety feature designed to give you enough confidence when working on a project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Aside from cutting, track saws are used to cut across large pieces of wood, miter carcass sides, and cut out angles with different sizes of angles. They are designed to carry out most tasks that are difficult to perform on a table saw.

Ans. One of the major differences between a circular saw and a track saw is that a circular saw is more compacted and more flexible, whereas a track saw is less portable and limited. A track saw is used for rip cut, crosscut, and angle cut, while a circular saw is used to make rip cut and crosscut.

Our Top Pick

We’ve curated an unbiased review on some of the best track saw from top-rated, well-known reputable brands like Triton and Festool. However, there must be a product that stands out in terms of speed, durability, and uniqueness. At the time of this writing, The Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Track Saw remains the overall winner.

The splinter-free precision is a feature to behold, with a 12 amp power motor, the depth it produces, and the powerful speed dial made it stand out from our list of top-rated models. All the models listed here are good runners-up, but there is always a winner in every competition.


One of the essential features we love about track saw is that they are pretty easy to use and share some major similarities with circular saws.

If you’re privilege to have any of the above models in your workshop, we guess you understand from our viewpoint. However, if you’re yet to make a decision, feel free to make your selection from the list above.

All the seven-track saw we reviewed are worth the investment and will yield maximum value. The saws are quality ensured and are designed to give off the best quality with zero flaws.

At this point, we rest our pen; now it’s up to you to make a choice; however, we want you to know that any of the selections made from this list will deliver the best results.

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