7 Best Trolling Motor Batteries for the Money You can Buy in 2022

Boats are fantastic, but there are never complete without a trolling motor. A trolling motor is a device that the boat uses to propel in water, as it helps the boat steer through the water in any direction.

Now, for the motor to do its work flawlessly, it will need a powerful battery. There are many trolling batteries for your model. Few are highly vetted for quality and performance, while some should be ignored because they don’t meet expectations.

So, making the right choice for your model is very crucial. But, you don’t need to fret because you’re in safe hands. This guide provides an in-depth review of some best trolling motor batteries that will be perfect for your boat.

7 Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

1. VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 AGM Battery – For Multiple Boat Sizes

VMAX is unique, considering the design and performance it features. This model will be beneficial if you have a large vessel you need to propel. It is designed with lead-tin alloys so that the battery provides the extra power need to propel the boat in the water.

It can last up to 10 hours, but that will depend on your motor’s size and the amount of power drawn off the battery. The battery itself is easy to start with no hurdles attached.

Its technology features an AGM body weighing 25 pounds to maintain it expansiveness. Nevertheless, these few pounds do not add to the weight. 

It makes use of 35AH, which plays an essential part in balancing your boat in the water. It is designed with terminals for connections, spaced so that you can easily clean the unit. 

The battery’s body build is durable, as you don’t need to worry about when moving the battery.


  • It is very easy to install
  • Lightweight body design
  • Better performance than wet-cell batteries


  • Powering up consumes power
  • Challenges in cold environments

Bottom Line

VMAX V35 is a battery that features a lightweight design, which makes it very easy to carry. This model’s AGM body design makes it resistant to shocks, vibrations, and changes in climate conditions.

If you need a light battery that can provide adequate power for your boat, we recommend you go for this model blindly.

2. Odyssey 34M-PC1500ST Trolling Thunder Battery – For Heavy Duty Use

Odyssey is another model that guarantees value for money. It is an ideal choice for extreme waters and sailors looking for a battery that can propel the boat in the water for hours.

It works at a temperature between -40 to 80 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for hot and cold environments. It features an AGM technology that makes it insulated body resistant to vibrations and requires no extensive maintenance. 

With this model, you don’t need to worry about gas leakage or acid spill from the battery as it features a single-piece design that makes it safe for the boat.  The battery has a long life span and can be stored as an open circuit for two years before you’ll talk about recharging the unit.

It makes use of a metal exterior for its terminals, which are protected with caps when it’s not used. These terminals are color-coded so that you can quickly identify the parts you’re handling.

It has one of the highest qualities on the market and can last for up to ten years before a replacement. However, this battery’s lifespan will depend on the average usage and the amount of power it consumes.


  • Excellent performance in cold regions
  • Easy to maintain
  • Uses Electrolytes


  • The unit is quite heavy

Bottom Line

Odyssey makes everything looks very simple. The terminals on this battery are color-coded so that you don’t confuse one function for another. It uses an AGM design that provides the durability and support needed; one of its edge cutting advantages is that it does not require extensive maintenance. You can use this battery even in frigid regions.

3. VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Maintenance-Free Battery – For More Efficient Energy Use

If you want a quality trolling motor battery that doesn’t require much maintenance, then you should consider this model. The body of the battery features an AGM technology to ensure a high porosity layout.

Its design makes it to absorb electrolytes curbing out issues of acid spillage or gas leak. The tin alloy grids that the battery features provide enough power to propel you even in extreme waters.

This model’s AGM technology ensures that the battery will not wear from vibrations, shocks, or extreme weather conditions. So, this model ensures that your vessel stays balanced on the water no matter the condition.

It features a stainless steel hold for easy mobility that will not rust even when used regularly. This unit has a lifespan of 5 years and can last for 4 hours when you’re propelling at full speed and seven hours at medium speed.


  • It is easy to recharge.
  • Excellent power performance
  • Good anchor hold


  • The unit is not lightweight
  • Issues once drained down completely

Bottom Line

If you need a trolling motor battery that will be very easy to maintain and can last for several hours, I suggest you stick with VMAX. Its AGM body design brings everything that a modern motor battery should feature.

It provides excellent performance that you can rely upon even in extreme climate conditions.

4. Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Solar Wind AGM – For Varied Needs

This is another highly vetted model by sailors for quality and performance regarding motor trolling batteries for boats. UPG makes use of 12V for its operations.

Its design makes it quite helpful even in dogged conditions, as it features a lightweight for easy mobility in any direction.  What’s more? The handle makes it easy to hold and move around, especially for fellows who have arthritis.

Universal makes customer satisfaction a priority as these batteries come fully charged, making it ready for immediate use. This battery is suitable for medium and large size trolling motors, with no exceptions.

Another remarkable feature is that it is easily rechargeable. It requires a couple of hours, so you don’t need to wait for a long time like most market models. The unit is very easy to start up.


  • It a Lifespan of 5 years
  • Good connection options
  • The great and durable body design


  • The unit may overheat
  • Challenges when discharged completely

Bottom Line

UPG is a model that provides a basic solution to your trolling needs. It makes use of a 12V for performance and a sturdy body design that provides all the support that you’ll need. Also, the battery can last for several hours, depending on the average use.

5. Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop – For Long-Running Needs

Optimal is a model that is known globally for quality. Optimal batteries are designed with a reserve capacity of 155 minutes while running with 900 amps.

Unlike some models that use cheap materials for their body build, this model features an AGM body design that can withstand vibrations and shocks. The battery is designed with two lead plates functioning as spiral cells to separate positive and negative charges.

This helps to keep the electrolytes operational without any form of leakage or wear of the part. This design helps the batteries to monitor temperature, critical tolerance, and other changes in environmental conditions.

It can last for long hours during use and have a lifespan of up to 6 years before a replacement will be considered. It has good tolerance to different climate changes to pose no problem even in cold regions.

You’ll have no problem moving this battery around as it features a stainless steel hold for easy mobility. It’s rechargeable if once the power is used up.


  • Quality battery life
  • Versatile and compatible with different boats
  • Easy to maintain


  • Drains some power during storage
  • Its heavy has it weighs 60 pounds

Bottom Line

This model will be beneficial if you sail for long hours, as it features an AGM body design that can last for several hours without overheating, shock, or vibrations.

Another thing about this battery is that it is effortless to maintain and recharge. If these are the requirement you’re searching for, then go for this model without hesitation.

6. NorthStar NSB-AGM31M AGM Group 31 Marine – Provides Extra Power

Northstar marine trolling battery is another model that is trusted globally due to its quality and power-performance. Unlike other traditional batteries, this modern design features an AGM body; this ensues the battery is resistant to vibrations and shocks. 

In low-quality models, the components inside the battery come apart after regular use. But, you’ll never experience this with Northstar as the AGM body design helps to hold the part together and prevents any gas leakage or acid spill from the battery.

Another exciting feature of this model is that it uses 100Ah, which plays a vital role in keeping the battery for hours during use. The model also has an extended power reserve of up to 220 minutes, which you can use before recharging the unit.

However, it is recommended that you don’t completely drain the power during use; doing this will help promote the lifespan. You can easily move this battery around, thanks to its lightweight design.

It’s easily rechargeable, as earlier mentioned, and doing this takes just a few hours.


  • Suitable in any climate conditions
  • Durable body design
  • Easy installation


  • Cleaning the terminals is tedious
  • Cannot carry a lot of power load

Bottom Line

Northstar is a model that stands out compared to most models as it brings power and durability to the frontline. It is designed with 100Ah to keep the battery working for long hours during use.

Additionally, it has 220 minutes extended power reserve, which you can use before recharging the battery. Another Oscar about this model is that it features an AGM body build, which guarantees durability and performance.

7. Trojan T31-AGM 12V 100Ah Group 31 Deep Cycle AGM Battery – A Basic Model For Most Needs

If you’re looking for a trolling motor battery that offers a basic solution, then you’ll find this model quite satisfying. Trojan T31 is an elementary unit to maintain, adding that it can last for some hours at mid-throttle.

Like every other highly vetted battery we’ve reviewed, Trojan is not left out of the game as it makes use of an AGM body design as well. This design provides the durability needed to hold it in place during vibrations and help to prevent shocks.

The battery has 100Ah with 177 minutes of reserve power capacity, which can last for a while before you recharge the unit. The terminals are well spaced for external connections and also for easy maintenance.

The heavy-duty plastic body alongside a durable handle will ensure easy mobility. The battery can last up to 8 years if used with care.  Recharging the battery is easy and does not take a lot of time.


  • Does not need a lot of maintenance
  • AGM body design
  • Provides terminals for connections


  • Tedious to store due to weight
  • It has more lead

Bottom Line

Trojan T31 is another model that brings quality and performance. It features 100Ah tagging along with 177 minutes of reserve power to give you a blissful sailing experience. The AGM design of this model makes it very durable and resistant to climate change. 

Trolling Motor Batteries – Buyer’s Guide

The Deep Cycle Standard

Most marine trolling batteries are designed as deep cycle models; this means the battery can handle hundreds of charge and discharge cycles.

It is important to consider this essential feature before taking the buyers’ leap; it helps you maintain durable and stable battery life for a protracted period; all you need to do is recharge the battery; once it is drained and becomes reusable again. You will need to do this properly and ensure the battery is fully charged before the next use. There are two types of trolling motor batteries to look out for in a model.

There are two types of trolling motor batteries to look out for in a model.

Sealed AGM vs. Wet Cell Lead Acid

1. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

This type of battery design features a sealed body that conserves charges in the electrolytes in glass mats and not in fluids. It uses thin glass fibers woven together to increase the surface area of the electrolytes.

AGM safeguards the battery from vibrations and shocks, ensuring no acid leakages or gas spills. An AGM battery does not require much maintenance and can last up to five years.

Lead Acid Wet-Cell

2. Lead Acid Wet-Cell

The lead-acid wet-cell requires a fluid medium (sulfuric acid & water) to keep the electrolytes in good condition. In some situations, you will need to add distilled water to keep the battery going.

These batteries also need to be kept in well-insulated areas as there are very vulnerable to vibrations. Batteries designed using lead-acid wet cell has an average lifespan of about two years.   

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Battery For A Trolling Motor


The voltage of the battery should be the first feature to consider. Most standard batteries make use of 12 volts for their operations.


Don’t you think it will be frustrating to purchase a model that will end up bogging down your boat? So, the model you’re going for should feature a lightweight design to ensure easy mobility and avoid bogging down your boat.

What is a good battery reserve capacity?

The reserve capacity explains the time frame for a battery to retain or discharge  25 amps until it gets to 10.5 volts. A battery with an extended reserve capacity will serve more when used.

Cold Cranking Amps

CCA means the ability of your battery to start even in icy regions. This is a feature you must consider, especially if you live in a cold environment, as it plays a role in determining the battery’s performance.

It would help if you had a battery that can produce at least 7.2 volts at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for a standard CCA output.

Amp-Hour (AH)

The amperage hour rating of a boat is similar to that in a car. The AH determines how long a battery can run during use. So, a battery that features more amp-hours will work longer than the one using less. 

The amp-hour works hand-in-hand with the power of your boat consumes. If you’re looking for a battery that runs for hours, look out for the models AH.

Points For Maintenance

  • Always Charge the battery once it drained out.
  • Ensure it is fully charged before storage.
  • Clean corroded part using baking soda.

It’s recommended to use a trickle charger with the battery. The charger will prevent the battery from draining excessively when not in use.

Our Recommended  Pick

Our top choice for the best trolling motor to consider for your boat is the VMAXTANKS V35-857 trolling motor battery. The AGM body design of this model brings all the features that boaters will find satisfying. Not to mention the fact that this battery can work for long hours regardless of climate conditions.


We’ve provided an in-depth review of some of the best trolling motor batteries that guarantee value for your investment. These batteries are highly vetted when you talk about quality and performance.

However, it would be best if you made a choice that works well for your boat, considering the factors we’ve highlighted. But if for any reason you’re at a crossroads of making up your mind, we recommend the NorthStar NSB-AGM31M AGM Battery.

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